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Product Detail

FIC series


8 1/2"x4" FIC 1503

•     Suitable for ultra-hard and extremelyabrasive formations.

•     Arc parabolic. Coring work stability.

•      Self-sharpen impregnated diamond segmentssinter to matrix. Maintain the aggressive while coring.

•      Matrix mixed with diamond segments by theunique prescription to match the formations. Optimizing the diamond cuttingedge, adhesive strength and wear resistance to obtain the better ROP.

•     Radial fluid flow assures efficient cuttingremoval.

•      High rotary speeds are recommended.

IADC Code:M843

Number ofBlades: 15

TFA: 0.15-1.5 in2

StandardGauge Length: 1-7/16"(37mm)

Torque onhold: 30,000 ft-lbs.

Size ofcoring tools: 6-314"x 4"


Hydraulic Flow Rate: 350-500 GPM/22 -32L/S

Rotation Speed: 60-500 RPM

Weight on Bit: 10-20K lbs. /45-90KN