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Size: 8 1/2" FM 1955 IADC: M223

•      MatrixPDC bit with six blades of parabola crown profile and with medium cutterdensity.

•      Spiralgauge protection design reduces vibration severity.

•      Withinterchangeable screw nozzles.

•      Asymmetricalblades arrangement and special load-balanced cutter arrangement design improvebit stability and therefore higher ROP.

•      Non-planeinterfaced diamond/carbide cutters absorb effectively high stress and minimizecutter fracturing and wearing.

•      Bothtilted and cauterized nozzles design improves bit cleaning and prevents bitballing, thus to improve ROP.

•      Canbe used on rotary or down hole motor drilling.

•      Suitablefor medium to hard formation.

•      HighHIS is recommended.